Rewards with CrossCard

CrossCard is a ticket to the CrossCafe loyalty program and the electronic wallet.

CrossCard is really usefull for those of you, who frequently visit our coffee shops. You can always save a few Crowns.

Every CrossCard owner can alsomake use of interesting discounts at our partners.

How Crosscard Works

  • Get CrossCard at any CrossCafe for a nominal value of 100 CZK, 300 CZK or 500 CZK. Activate the card at website
  • A charged CrossCard is like an electronic wallet that you can recharge whenever you want. You will receive a financial bonus every time you recharge it! If you don’t want to use the electronic wallet function, simply use your card with every purchase you make.

  • You will earn points with every purchase, depending on the value assigned to the purchased product. 10 points represent a 1 CZK discount that you can use for your nexr purcase.

  • The point’s value of the product can be found on the price tag and the current offers. To earn points, use your card before paying.

  • The points will be added to your CrossCard with each purchase you make and the points will be converted overnight into a discount which you can use with your next purchase.

  • Or you can save the bonuses and earn up to 50 % discount. Our staff will always advise you on which bonus you can claim.

  • With your CrossCard, you will no longer have to search around forcoins. You can check your CrossKonto status and your purchasing history online from the comfort of your home.