Rewards with CrossCard

Are you a regular at our coffee shops? Then it’s worth getting our CrossCard.

It not only functions as your electronic purse, but with every purchase you earn points which you can use as a discount off your next purchase.

Every CrossCard holder can also make use of interesting discounts with our partners.

How Crosscard Works

  • You can get your CrossCard at every CrossCafe.
  • To activate your card, you have to deposit a minimum of 100 CZK in your electronic purse and we will add a bonus of 4 CZK.
  • If you deposit an amount of 300 CZK, you will get a bonus of 15 CZK from us, and with a deposit 500 CZK, you will receive a 30 CZK bonus.
  • If you decide to stop using the electronic purse function, simply present your card when paying cash at CrossCafe and collect points.
  • With every purchase at CrossCafe you will be earning points towards your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) according to the value assigned to the goods purchased. 10 points equal a 1 CZK discount, which you can claim with your next purchase.
  • The point value of a product is shown on the price tag and in current offers.
  • Bonuses can also be saved and subsequently used in the form of a 50% discount. Our baristas will always inform you of what bonus you can redeem at any time.