CrossCard Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The CrossCard is available at any CrossCafe at 100, 300 and 500 CZK denominations.

You can activate your loyalty card at in the section marked CrossCard. Here you can find the link to enter your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account). From there you will simply follow the activation instructions. A new CrossCard can be activated approximately 30 min after you have charged it.

Every 10pts = 1 CZK discount off your next purchase

You can see your point balance in the upper right corner of your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account). The points will be displayed only on the same day of making a purchase, and later they will be turned into bonus CZK displayed in the same spot. 

After each purchase, points are credited to your CrossCard. By the following day, the points will turn into a discount which you can use with your next purchase.

There is no limit to the maximum of earned points.

You can do so at the register of any CrossCafe.

Lending the card to a friend is no problem. CrossCard is transferable

The procedure is the same as with the loss of your card. First block it so as not lose the cash balance in your electronic purse and the bonus you have saved. Then you can go and buy a replacement card at any CrossCafe café for 20 CZK with zero credit, or you can charge your new CrossCard with the minimum of 100 CZK straight away – we will credit the amount to your electronic purse and you will save 20 CZK on the fee.  You will enter the number of your new card in your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) in the section "My CrossCard – replacement card activation”. Your complete bonus for the points you have earned and your cash balance will be transferred to your new CrossCard.