CrossCard How to activate your CrossCard

How to activate your CrossCard

CrossCard activation

Go to and choose „CrossKonto” in the main menu. Click on „Register CrossCard” and fill in the registration form to your CrossKonto. Your e-mail address is used as a login to CrossKonto. The card number, which is required in the end of the registration form, is printed on the back of the card. After your registration is done, you will recieve an e-mail with confirmation link - click on it or copy the url asdress into your browser. Congratulations, your registration is done! After 30 minutes the card will be paired with the cashier system and ready to go.

CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account)

CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account)

You can check the account status and its value in CZK – it is the sum of the bonus points converted to CZK and the current account balance of your CrossCard. You can manage your profile and your contact details as well. Also the FAQ’s are answered there.

Charging your CrossCard and using the electronic purse function

CrossCard serves as an electronic wallet you simply use for paying. At each CrossCafe coffee shop you can recharge the card. The minimum deposit is 100 CZK and the more money you put on the higher the financial bonus will be. If the deposit is 100 CZK we will give you 4 CZK as a bonus. If you recharge 300 CZK we reward you with 15 CZK extra. For 500 CZK deposit and higher you bonus is 30 CZK. In addition to the electronic wallet, CrossCard allows you to collect points for every purchase.

Purchase and earning points

For every 10 points earned you have 1 CZK discount that can be used for any of your next purchases. The point values are written on the price tags. Our baristas will always inform you of what bonus you can redeem at any time.

Loading of points

Be in the picture! Loading points may take up to 24 hours. You will see the changes in your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account).

Redeeming your points

The earn points on your CrossCard that turn into a discount that you can use with your very next purchase. Or you can save your bonuses and get up to 50 % off a purchase. 

Lost your card?

Loss your card

If you have lost your CrossCard, you should deactivate it immediately to save your money in your electronic wallet. Log into your CrossKonto acount and choose ,,My CrossCard" in the main menu. On the left side of the screen select ,,Deactivate card". We will send you an e-mail with the confirmation request. 

Replacement card activation

Once this is done, you can get a spare CrossCard (in any CrossCafe) with 0 CZK credit for a fee of 20 CZK or you can get a new card charged with 100 CZK credit as a minimum like as you would do when first getting your card and save the 20 CZK. To transfer your account balance form the lost card account to your new card account, go to your CrossKonto and in the „My CrossCard” section just activate the spare card by filling in its number. Bonuses and the financial balance will be transferred.

Forgotten password

If you forget your password which you have chosen during the registation process, just click on the ,,Forgotten password" link in the CrossKonto login section and we will send you a link to create a new password.

In case of any trouble please do not hesitate to contact us at: