CrossCard How to activate your CrossCard

How to activate your CrossCard

CrossCard activation

Go to the website, click on the CrossCard banner and enter the CROSSCARD ACTIVATION section.

In the CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) section, set up a new account by following the instructions and the manual you received along with your card. Your user name is always your e-mail address. At this e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.

To activate your CrossCard you will need to enter the identification number which is printed on the back of the card.

Should you forget your password, follow the log-in instructions in CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) and have a new password sent. A new CrossCard can be activated approximately 30 minutes after you charge it.

The Gift Card, a practical present for your loved ones, doesn’t need to be activated.

CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account)

CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account)

The CrossKonto section serves as an overview of the point balance on your card and the current available cash balance on your CrossCard, but also can be used to make changes to the card holder’s personal data and is also the gate for communication with the information service.

Charging your CrossCard – Using the electronic purse function

A charged CrossCard is like an electronic purse which can be topped up at your will. You also get extra bonuses for each recharge! If you don’t wish to use the electronic payment function, you will simply use up your initial credit and then just collect points that will be turned into a discount with your next purchase. 

Purchase and earning points

Now that you’ve activated your CrossCard, you can head to your closest CrossCafe and follow the point value along with the price of the products.

With every purchase at CrossCafe, you will be earning points according to the value assigned to the goods purchased. 10 points equal a 1 CZK discount, which you can claim on your next purchase.

Make sure you don’t miss special offers for extra points!

Loading of points

Be in the picture! Loading points may take up to 24 hours. You will see the changes in your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account).

Redeeming your points

For every purchase, you earn points on your CrossCard that turn into a discount that you can use with your very next purchase. Or, you can save your bonuses and get up to 50 % off a purchase. Our baristas will always inform you of what bonus you can redeem at any time.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card

First block it so as not lose the cash balance in your electronic purse and the bonus you have saved. Log into your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) and in the main menu select “My CrossCard”. In the left part of the screen, click on “Block My Card”. Then you can go and buy a replacement card at any CrossCafe café for 20 CZK with zero credit, or you can charge your new CrossCard with the minimum of 100 CZK straight away – we will credit the amount to your electronic purse and you will save 20 CZK on the fee. You will enter the number of your new card in your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account) in the section "My CrossCard – replacement card activation”. Your complete bonus for the points you have earned and your cash balance will be transferred to your new CrossCard.

Replacement card activation

To activate your replacement card, you must first log in to your CrossKonto (CrossCafe Account). To do so, you need your user name (= your e-mail address) and your password. Next, select the tab “Card Change” in the “Settings” section and enter the number of your new CrossCard. All your money and bonuses will be transferred to your new card and the old one will be blocked.